A strategic adventure in a dark stylized underworld

Oberon’s Court is a journey of the soul as it transitions through the afterlife, reclaiming its identity by conquering the harsh world of shadows. Will you chain and bind other souls and make those weaker suffer, or shepherd them to their own salvation. Oberon’s Court mixes RPG elements with a RTS control scheme and combat to create a streamlined strategical adventure experience. Combat is quick and fierce, no mulling over stats, two souls go in, one comes out as master, the other a slave, or worst.

“The battle was short, a flutter of bravado, the soft embrace of muddy ground . The sound of wooden wheels sloshing through it , as you silently thank the looters for taking your body away, a reprieve before the final indignity. Night is coming, all is lost. Time for carrion to dream, the dream eternal, surrender or rise a shadow”

Oberon’s Court is slated for a 2014 Steam (pc) release.
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hyper stylized 3D esthetic without the use of textures

Oberon’s Court is an Indie game developed with the aim of not only creating a deep setting for environmental and direct storytelling, but also to feature a fully texture-less 3D game. Utilizing the power of composition,color and shape to distill 3D gaming to its essence.



Fast paced RTS game-play, Use Special Abilities, harvest Bone, Essence, Blood and steel resources.
Explore the underworld,enter it its abandoned crypts and ruins. Analyse the opposition and adapt your army for victory.

A parade of shades

The initial release will focus on campaign based storytelling, following the player as he discovers the world of Oberon’s Court and chains(harvests)  increasingly powerful souls, ranging from humble squires and foot soldiers to the souls of crusader knights and kings. Where the former will transform to low level units such as bodgers and hare knights, and the latter weavers and other powerful squad leaders. Each soul will be bound to the player’s “cabinet” and improve persistently between maps and campaigns.






Coming 2014 to Steam(pc) release for IOS and Android to follow later.empty

Indiegamemag.com: ” Although still in the very early stages this will be one game to watch as we enter the new year”

PCgamer.com:  ”top Skyrim modder starts work on slick new RTS”

PocketTactics.com:  ”Everything’s better down where it’s deader.”